2015 RCC Workshop Panel 1: Discussion of Technical Causes of Rural Call Completion Issues

Rural Call Completion

2015 RCC Workshop Panel 2: Discussion of Strategies and Best Practices

Rural Call Completion

Craig Silliman at Brookings: Communications Policy for the the Mobile Space

Craig Silliman, Verizon General Counsel, recently appeared at the Brookings Institute for a conversation on Internet governance and regulation for the increasingly mobile future.

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Craig Silliman Answers More Net Neutrality Questions

Does Verizon throttle Netflix's traffic? How do Internet service providers agree to exchange traffic? Does any of this have anything to do with Net Neutrality? Craig Silliman, General Counsel for Verizon, answers these questions and more.

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Panel: 7th Annual Free State Foundation Telecom Conference

Verizon's Peter Davidson speaks on a panel at the Free State Foundation's 7th Annual Telecom Conference..

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3 Big Questions About Net Neutrality

Verizon's Craig Silliman answers 3 questions about Net Neutrality.

FCC, Open Internet, Regulation

Craig Silliman talks Net Neutrality

Featuring Craig Silliman and Donna Epps.

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