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The global Internet needs a global policy protecting data flows and encouraging investment

Last month, Verizon’s Peter Davidson participated in a panel discussion of international Internet & technology policy issues at the Technology Policy Institute’s annual Aspen Forum. Although countries may often take different approaches to issues like privacy, or the regulations both consumers and businesses must navigate, the fact remains that light-touch and globally-oriented regulatory approaches are crucial in today’s Internet- and mobile-focused world. Such flexible policies ensure businesses have some certainty to seek a return on their investments, whether in network infrastructure, new devices, or services. Consumers can feel confident that their privacy and the security of their data is being protected. Both investment and consumer certainty are key to encouraging “the next billion” Internet users to connect. In the U … Continue reading

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Customer-Centered Service

This is another guest post from Jeff Kramer - Director, Strategic Alliances. “I’m always telling our representatives that the definition of the word ‘disability’ is when the person and the environment don’t match. So our job is to make it match.” That comes from Thomas Boudrow, Outreach Manager at Verizon’s Center for Customers with Disabilities. I’ve recently blogged about Verizon’s efforts to meet the needs of our customers with disabilities. From instituting Universal Design Principles to our advocacy for the Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA), Verizon has been committed to enabling customers to fully participate in the digital world many of us take for granted. A big part of that commitment is empowering … Continue reading

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A Big Win For Investment & Verizon

There is a reason why Verizon is on the cutting edge of mobile innovation: we invest. We invest in spectrum. And we invest – heavily – in building out our 4G LTE network across the country.  Last year alone Verizon invested more than $10 billion in small cells, distributed antenna systems, and other improvements to our mobile network. We say it often, but it’s no less true: investment, not gimmicky marketing or regulatory gamesmanship, drives innovation and helps to meet consumer needs. To that point, RootMetrics confirmed … for the fourth year in a row … what Verizon customers already know: Verizon’s 4G LTE network is the best. Period. As Verizon Wireless Chief Network Officer Nicola Palmer explained, the annual RootScore report “validates … Continue reading

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Building an Inclusive Society, One Person at a Time

This is a guest post from Jeff Kramer - Director, Strategic Alliances. Twenty-five years ago, when President George H.W. Bush signed the Americans with Disabilities Act into law, people called it “landmark legislation.” What it achieved for the quality of life for the disability community – from captioning for TV shows to curb cuts and ramps for easier access to buildings – was important. But there was much more to be accomplished. What made the law “landmark” was that by breaking new ground for equal access, the ADA inspired and enabled many new policies and innovations, not only for people with disabilities but society at large. For example, on October 8th, Verizon and many of the other groups that celebrated the silver anniversary … Continue reading

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Energy Management as a Service Will Bring More Efficient Utilities

Of the approximately 147 million electrical meters installed in the United States, only slightly more than 50 million of them are “smart meters,” and even fewer are real-time meters with two-way communication.  Most utility companies’ existing technology only allows them to identify when large blocks of customers are without power and rely on customers calling in to report individual outages. That means if your power goes out after an isolated event that leaves the rest of your block unaffected, odds are the power company has no idea, and that last ice cream bar you were hiding from the kids in the back of freezer may well melt. So why don’t all utility companies invest in smart meters to bridge the gap between the consumer … Continue reading

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