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Energy Management as a Service Will Bring More Efficient Utilities

Of the approximately 147 million electrical meters installed in the United States, only slightly more than 50 million of them are “smart meters,” and even fewer are real-time meters with two-way communication.  Most utility companies’ existing technology only allows them to identify when large blocks of customers are without power and rely on customers calling in to report individual outages. That means if your power goes out after an isolated event that leaves the rest of your block unaffected, odds are the power company has no idea, and that last ice cream bar you were hiding from the kids in the back of freezer may well melt. So why don’t all utility companies invest in smart meters to bridge the gap between the consumer … Continue reading

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Don’t Delay the Fiber Future

There is no disputing that fiber is the best wireline broadband communications infrastructure. Fiber provides the fastest speeds, both up and down. Fiber is more resilient than copper. Fiber is better for the environment, using less power than copper-based technologies. Fiber even increases economic development and raises property values where it is deployed.  So it is no surprise that communities across the country are trying to attract fiber deployments in their areas and the President has created a Broadband Opportunity Council to identify ways of removing barriers to new broadband deployment.  And of course, FCC Chairman Wheeler has set 25 Mbps as the new benchmark for broadband, noting that there is little competition at those high speeds except in places where fiber has been deployed.  (Verizon … Continue reading

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Minority Male Makers: Verizon Invests in STEM Education for Minority Boys

This is a guest post from Tony Lewis, Vice President – State Government Affairs Background, left to right: Rose Kirk, Verizon Foundation President, Tony Lewis, Verizon Vice President of State Government Affairs and Dr. David Wilson, Morgan State University President. Foreground, left to right: Minority Male Makers students Donovan, Ayo and Loden share 3D printed objects with Mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake at the Verizon Minority Male Makers showcase event in Baltimore Maryland. Photo credit: Morgan State University.   When a group of young minds are set loose with a 3D printer, cool things happen. That’s what occurred recently at Morgan State University, where a young boy named Loden excitedly showed off a cool new tool that he’d just created with a 3D printer. … Continue reading

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Never Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

This is a guest post from Brigid Ueland, an intern working with Verizon's DC communications team this summer. “When you’re walking behind someone, yell ‘behind’” the chef explained. “If you’re walking with knives, it’s ‘sharp behind’. If you have something hot in your hands, it’s ‘hot behind’. Then you can giggle, because I totally do.” Chef Tae is the Manager of Kitchen Operations and Volunteers at Miriam’s Kitchen, a nonprofit that has provided meals, case management and mental health treatment to individuals in need over the past 30 years in Washington, DC. Chef Tae was instructing my group of first-time volunteers on kitchen safety, while simultaneously showing me … Continue reading

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Verizon Releases Transparency Report for First Half 2015

Verizon is pleased to release our Transparency Report for the first half of 2015. As in the past, this report describes the different types of demands we receive and the types of data that we disclose in response to those demands. During the first half of this year, we received almost 150,000 demands for customer information from United States law enforcement. That number is generally comparable to figures we’ve reported in the past. While we have a legal obligation to provide customer information to law enforcement in response to these lawful demands, protecting our customers’ privacy remains a bedrock commitment at Verizon and we take seriously our duty to provide such information only when authorized by law. To that end, we continue to carefully review each demand … Continue reading