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The Digital Renaissance Is Here: Lowell McAdam in Europe

Europe stands at the threshold of a digital renaissance. With a renewed digital agenda in focus, the path forward for Europe’s digital economy – which is growing at seven times the rate of the rest of the economy – is promising yet predicated on constructive regulation. Lowell McAdam, CEO and chairman of Verizon, was called upon to provide his input into the European Commission’s next wave of digital policies – examining what needs to happen to encourage investment, catalyze innovation and boost consumer confidence. Read the key points from McAdam’s Financial Times ETNO Summit 2014 keynote at the Verizon News Center. Continue reading


CTIA Releases Second Open Internet Infographic: 2010 v. 2013: Wireless is Different

A lot can change in three years, and this is especially evident in the highly innovative technology sector. Yesterday, the CTIA released an infographic (below) highlighting the explosive growth in the US wireless industry since 2010. The current state of the wireless ecosystem in which 95+ million subscribers stream 200 petabytes of video per month wouldn’t be possible without flexible rules that promote competition and innovation. Continue reading


#CommActUpdate: Universal Service Subsidies Should Be Targeted and Explicit.

As we’ve discussed before, our communications marketplace has undergone a radical revolution over the last two decades and our communications laws haven’t kept pace. Our current communications statute, the Telecommunications Act of 1996, has its origins in 19th century railroad regulation, and scarcely mentions the Internet. The world reflected in the 1996 Act has been replaced by one in which consumers can choose to communicate in an ever-expanding number of ways thanks to the Internet and broadband platforms that continue to bring innovative new services to market. Fortunately, Congress and others recognize that we need to modernize our laws to reflect the competitive realities of today’s dynamic Internet ecosystem. Last week, Verizon provided comment on the fifth in a series of white papers released … Continue reading


LEADS Act safeguards cloud data at home and abroad

Today Senators Hatch, Coons and Heller introduced The Law Enforcement Access to Data Stored Abroad (LEADS) Act. We are proud to have worked with the Senators’ staffs and a group of other companies on this important bill, which would bring much needed clarity to the law and protect the privacy of our customers. For the first time, this bill would require the government to use a search warrant, based on a showing of probable cause to a judge, to obtain any communications we store for our customers. Although it has been Verizon’s practice to require such a warrant, this bill would make that standard the law of the land. Moreover, this bill sets a clear limit on the U.S. government’s ability to … Continue reading


No Question About an Open Internet

Over the past several days there have been questions about Verizon’s position on “wireless net neutrality,” and whether we support imposing the same net neutrality regulatory regime on mobile broadband that some wish to see imposed on wireline broadband networks. The answer is no. As Lowell McAdam, Verizon’s Chairman and CEO, recently reiterated, Verizon is committed to an open Internet. We provide customers with an open Internet on both our wireline and our wireless networks. We are committed to providing an open Internet for our customers and make that clear in a set of principles that we have posted on our website. You can review those principles here. But this debate has never been about an open Internet – everyone supports that. … Continue reading

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